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Table 1 Differences in FPI mRNA expression between ΔpdpC and LVS

From: The Francisella tularensis LVS ΔpdpCmutant exhibits a unique phenotype during intracellular infection

  Averagea Pvalue
vgrG −1.49 0.176
iglH −3.09 0.119
pdpC −6.8 × 10-6 <0.001
pdpE −0.26 0.913
iglD −3.46 0.010
iglC −3.99 0.055
iglB −2.97 0.040
iglA −3.75 0.080
  1. a The results show the average fold change in gene expression from 7 experiments. The results for the other FPI genes indicated no significant changes in the mRNA expression between ΔpdpC and LVS.
  2. A Student’s t-test was used to determine if the difference in fold change was significant between LVS and the ΔpdpC mutant.