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Table 1 Molecular typing of treponemal DNA isolated from a set of 16 patients with two or more samples positive for treponemal DNA

From: Comparison of CDC and sequence-based molecular typing of syphilis treponemes: tpr and arp loci are variable in multiple samples from the same patient

Patient no. Syphilis stage Sample Material Genotypes based on TP0136, TP0548, 23S rDNA CDC subtype Enhanced CDC subtype*
1 Primary 43K StI Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
   44K StII Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
2 Primary 36K St Swab SU2R8 14d 14d/g
   37K Whole blood SU2R8 12d 12d/g
3 Primary 93K Swab SXS 14k 14k/X
   94K Whole blood XSX 14e 14e/f
4 Primary 891 Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
   892 Swab SSS 14p 14p/f
5 Primary 91K Swab SSR8 14d 14d/f
   92K Whole blood SXX 12e 12e/X
6 Primary C-150 Swab U1SS 8b 8b/f
   D-151 Swab U1SS 8d 8d/f
7 Primary 8032 Swab SSR9 15d 15d/f
   8284 Swab SSR9 15d 15d/f
8 Primary 19512 Swab SU2R8 14d 14d/g
   19527 Swab SU2R8 14b 14b/g
9 Primary 15K St Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
   16K Whole blood XSS XXe XXe/f
10 Primary RL104BZ Swab SU2R8 14d 14d/g
   RL104AZ Whole blood XU2R8 14X 14X/g
11 Primary 63K Swab SSR9 15d 15d/f
   62K Whole blood XSR9 15d 15d/f
12 Primary 4K Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
   5K Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
13 Primary 34K St Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
   35K Whole blood XXS XXe XXe/X
14 Primary RL116A Swab SU2R8 14e 14e/g
   RL116B Whole blood SXR8 14j 14j/X
15 Secondary 15577 Swab SXS 14d 14d/X
   15578 Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
16 Secondary G-269 Swab SU1S 14p 14p/f
   H-270 Swab SU1S 14d 14d/f
17 Secondary 51K Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
   52K Swab SSS 14d 14d/f
18 Secondary 73K Swab SU2R8 14d 14d/g
   74K Whole blood XXR8 XXe XXe/X
  1. X, the exact genotype was not determined.
  2. *subtype identification based on CDC typing enhanced by sequence analysis of TP0548 between position 131–215 [14].