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Figure 2

From: Interaction between extracellular lipase LipA and the polysaccharide alginate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Figure 2

Binding of purified lipase LipA from P. aeruginosa to polysaccharides. Purified lipase LipA (36 ng/ml) from P. aeruginosa was incubated at 30°C in microtiter plates in the absence (−-) and in the presence of immobilized polysaccharide films of (−■-) bacterial alginate from P. aeruginosa SG81 shown in red, (−▲-) xanthan shown in green, (−Δ-) algal alginate shown in pink, (−□-) levan shown in bright blue and (−-) dextran shown in dark blue. Represented are carbohydrate concentrations used for coating of the microtiter plate wells. The bound lipase was detected by activity measurements using pNPP as substrate. Results are shown as mean of five independent experiments +/− standard deviations. Significance of differences in lipase binding between coated and uncoated wells was calculated by ANOVA for the highest tested polysaccharide concentration. *** p < 0.001; ** p < 0.01.

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