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Figure 1

From: Monitoring the prevalence of viable and dead cariogenic bacteria in oral specimens and in vitro biofilms by qPCR combined with propidium monoazide

Figure 1

Effects of PMA (A and C) and EMA (B and D) on S. mutans and S. sobrinus cell viability. A total of (A and B) 2.77 × 106 CFU of S. mutans and (C and D) 2.85 × 106 CFU of S. sobrinus were treated with 0, 2.5, 25, and 250 μM PMA and cross-linked. After PMA and EMA treatments, bacterial cells were plated on Mitis-Salivarius agar plates and counted. The mean and S.D. values of independent triplicate data are shown.

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