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Table 1 Number of OTUs, diversity and coverage at 3% distance level using the MOTHUR platform

From: Molecular diversity of rumen bacterial communities from tannin-rich and fiber-rich forage fed domestic Sika deer (Cervus nippon) in China

Groups Clones OTUs Chao 1a Shannon-Wienerb Coverage
OL 139 57 114.2 (81.1,192.8) 3.5 (3.3,3.7) 0.74
CS 100 50 143.5 (85.8,294.1) 3.7 (3.4,3.8) 0.66
  1. a Chao1 is a nonparametric estimator of the richness in a sample. It is based on the number of rare ribotypes (singletons and doublets) and used to predict the species richness.
  2. b The Shannon-Wiener index is a nonparametric diversity index that combines estimates of richness (total numbers of ribotypes) and evenness (relative abundance of each ribotype) suggesting diversity. It takes into account the abundance of individual taxa and can be used as an overall indicator of the level of diversity in a sample.