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Table 3 Expected fragment sizes obtained with in silico digestion of the hsp60 gene sequences

From: Identification of species belonging to the Bifidobacterium genus by PCR-RFLP analysis of a hsp60 gene fragment

Bifidobacterium species GenBank entry Predicted fragment sizes Profile
B. adolescentis AF210319 31-36-81-103-339  
B. angulatum AF240568 42-54-59-139-296  
B. animalis subsp. animalis AY004273 17-53-86-97-114-223  
B. animalis subsp. lactis AY004282 71-86-96-114-223  
B. asteroides AF240570 30-38-75-97-109-242  
B. bifidum AY004280 22-31-59-181-297  
B. boum AY004285 22-117-200-251  
B. breve AF240566 106-139-139-200  
B. catenulatum AY004272 53-198-338  
B. choerinum AY013247 36-42-51-52-54-59-97-200  
B. coryneforme AY004275 16-32-54-158-338  
B. cuniculi AY004283 16-42-53-70-128-281  
B. dentium AF240572 22-31-42-68-130-139-158  
B. gallicum AF240575 42-253-297  
B. gallinarum AY004279 16-31-42-81-139-281  
B. indicum AF240574 16-32-36-42-45-123-296  
B. longum subsp. longum AF240578 42-113-138-139-158 *
B. longum subsp. infantis AF240577 42-113-138-139-158 *
B. longum subsp. suis AY013248 42-113-138-139-158 *
B. merycicum AY004277 22-31-42-59-139-297  
B. minimum AY004284 16-51-60-66-70-327  
B. pseudocatenulatum AY004274 42-53-198-297  
B. pseudolongum subsp pseudolongum AY004282 17-22-30-32-42-42-109-297  
B. pseudolongum subsp. globosum AF286736 16-17-22-30-32-42-109-323  
B. pullorum AY004278 16-31-36-42-81-87-297  
B. ruminantium AF240571 31-106-114-339  
B. subtile Not available Not avaiable +
B. thermacidophilum subsp porcinum AY004276 20-42-53-59-97-139-180 *†
B. thermacidophilum subsp thermacidophilum AY004276 20-42-53-59-97-139-180 *†
B. thermophilum AF240567 54-59-117-139-222  
  1. + hsp60 sequence of B. subtile type strain was not available in the press-time.
  2. † the available sequences at GeneBank and cpnDB belonged to B. thermacidophilum (with no distinction in subspecies).
  3. *subspecies not discernable.