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Table 3 Analysis of independent recombinant strains for recombination hot-spots

From: Genomic and phenotypic characterization of in vitro-generated Chlamydia trachomatis recombinants

Strain CT189 genotype CT315 genotype
L3XD_1 D L3
L3xD_8 D L3
L3xD_9 D L3
L1xD_11 D L1
L1xD_12 D L1
L1xD_14 D L1
L1xD_15 D L1
L1xD_16 D L1
L1xD_17 L1 L1
L1xD_18 D L1
L1xD_19 D L1
L1xD_20 D L1
L1xD_21 L1 L1
L1xD_23 D L1
  1. Individual recombinant progeny from independent crosses were subjected to PCR-based DNA sequencing and assessed for recombination at positions identified as hotspots by Srinivasan and colleagues [24]. For each sequenced product, the identified genotype at that region is indicated (D or L1/L3). There were no examples of recombination in any of these sequenced PCR products.