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Table 2 A comparison of shared crossover sites in different progeny strains

From: Genomic and phenotypic characterization of in vitro-generated Chlamydia trachomatis recombinants

Recombinant RC-L2(s)/3 RC-F(s)/342
Region of crossover CT778 (priA) CT778 (priA)
Coordinates 916870 : 917156 954495 : 955597
Comments F(s)70 - L2-434 hybrid CT778 F(s)70 - J/6276 hybrid CT778
Recombinant RC-L2(s)/3 RC-J/966
Region of crossover CT331 (dxs) and CT332 (pykF) CT332 (pykF)
Coordinates 377279 : 377995 370626 : 37785
Comments F(s)70 CT331, L2-434 CT332 J/6276 - L2-434 hybrid CT332
Recombinant RC-L2/971 RC-J/966
Region of crossover CT569 (gspG) and CT570 (gspF) CT569 (gspG) and CT570 (gspF)
Coordinates 634854 : 636140 635246 : 636532
Comments J/6276 CT569, L2-434 CT570 J/6276 CT569, L2-434 CT570
Recombinant RC-L2/971 RC-L2/55
Region of crossover CT585 (trpS) and CT586 (uvrB) CT586 (uvrB)
Coordinates 655362 : 656561 656865 : 657292
Comments L2-434 CT585, J/6276 CT586 F(s)70 - L2-434 hybrid CT586