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Table 3 Diversity and evenness indices, and mean optical density of grouped substrates (six groups) at 96 h incubation time in different treatments

From: Metaproteomic analysis of ratoon sugarcane rhizospheric soil

  Control soil Plant cane soil Ratoon cane soil P values
Shannon’s diversity index 4.190±0.03c 4.393±0.01a 4.273±0.02b 0.0003
Shannon’s evenness 0.85±0.01b 0.89±0.01a 0.85±0.01b 0.001
Mean OD 0.20±0.06c 0.90±0.09a 0.42±0.06b 0.0001
Polymers 0.12±0.03b 0.37±0.07a 0.30±0.08a 0.008
Carbohydrates 0.18±0.02b 1.31±0.12a 0.28±0.03b 0.0001
Carboxylic acids 0.10±0.04b 0.70±0.15a 0.65±0.08a 0.0007
Amino acids 0.20±0.05c 0.81±0.11a 0.59±0.07b 0.0003
Amines 0.11±0.02b 1.16±0.08a 0.12±0.03b 0.0001
Phenolic compounds 0.84±0.05a 0.53±0.03b 0.39±0.02c 0.0001
  1. Note: Data are means ± SD. Different letters in rows show significant differences determined by Tucky’s test (P ≤ 0.05).