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Table 1 The agronomic characters, theoretical sugar content and yield of plant cane and ratoon cane

From: Metaproteomic analysis of ratoon sugarcane rhizospheric soil

  Sucrose content (%) Available stalk number (hm-2) Stalk height (cm) Stalk diameter (cm) Single stalk weight (kg) Theoretical production (kg/hm2)
Plant cane 12.86±0.63a 67311.06±555.17a 312.0±1.53a 2.97±0.009a 1.96±0.02a 131785.5±393.7a
Ratoon cane 13.59±0.36a 61541.54±826.24b 325.3±9.17a 2.77±0.066b 1.78±0.10b 109404.8±6641.4b
  1. Note: Data are means ± SE. Different letters in columns show significant differences determined by Tucky’s test (P ≤ 0.05).