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Table 3 Bacterial strains, plasmids and primers used in this study

From: Members of the Sinorhizobium meliloti ChvI regulon identified by a DNA binding screen

Strain/Plasmid/Primer Relevant characteristics Reference or source
Sinorhizobium meliloti   
Rm1021 SU47 str-21, Smr wild type [46, 47]
SmUW38 Rm1021 chvI::nptII (chvI261) [10]
SmFL430 RmP110 SMa2295::pTH1522 [20]
SmFL112 RmP110 msbA2::pTH1522 [20]
SmFL4665 RmP110 SMb21189::pTH1522 [20]
SmFL5401 RmP110 SMb21190::pTH1522 [20]
SmFL918 RmP110 SMc00262::pTH1522 [20]
SmFL4392 RmP110 SMc00261::pTH1522 [20]
SmFL2950 RmP110 rhbB::pTH1522 [20]
SmFL5628 RmP110 rhtX::pTH1522 [20]
SmFL5755 RmP110 rhbF::pTH1522 [20]
SmUW45 Rm1021 SMa2295::pTH1522 This study
SmUW43 Rm1021 msbA2::pTH1522 This study
SmUW58 Rm1021 SMb21189::pTH1522 This study
SmUW59 Rm1021 SMb21190::pTH1522 This study
SmUW46 Rm1021 SMc00262::pTH1522 This study
SmUW57 Rm1021 SMc00261::pTH1522 This study
SmUW55 Rm1021 rhbB::pTH1522 This study
SmUW62 Rm1021 rhtX::pTH1522 This study
SmUW63 Rm1021 rhbF::pTH1522 This study
SmUW157 SmUW38 SMa2295::pTH1522 This study
SmUW133 SmUW38 msbA2::pTH1522 This study
SmUW148 SmUW38 SMb21189::pTH1522 This study
SmUW149 SmUW38 SMb21190::pTH1522 This study
SmUW136 SmUW38 SMc00262::pTH1522 This study
SmUW147 SmUW38 SMc00261::pTH1522 This study
SmUW145 SmUW38 rhbB::pTH1522 This study
SmUW152 SmUW38 rhtX::pTH1522 This study
SmUW153 SmUW38 rhbF::pTH1522 This study
Escherichia coli   
DH5α F-, φ80dlacZ∆M15, endA1, recA1∆(lacZYA-argF)U169, hsdR17(rK- mK+), deoR, thi-1, supE44, λ-, gyrA96, relA1 [48]
BL21(DE3)pLysS F, ompT, hsdSB (rB-, mB-), dcm, gal, λ(DE3), pLysS, Cmr [49]
pGEM®-T Easy Cloning of PCR products, Ampr Promega (USA)
pET-30a(+) His•Tag expression vector, Kmr EMD Chemicals (Novagen)
pLB010 pGEM®-T Easy::chvI, Ampr This study
pJF011 pET-30a(+)::chvI, Kmr This study
pUC18 Cloning vector, Ampr [50]
pTC198 pUC19::5-kb chvI-exoShrpK, Ampr [10]
pTC190 pVK101::4kb A. tumefaciens chvI/G, Tcr Kmr [4]
pKNG101 sacB+mobRK2 oriR6K, Smr [51]
pKD001 pTC190::pKNG101, Tcr This study
Primer Sequence ( 5′-3′ )  
LB5 atgcagaccatcgcgctt This study
LB6 acatcgtgatccaacaagg This study
LB61 gtaaaacgacggccagt This study