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Table 1 Taxonomical assignment based on 16S rRNA gene sequencing of culturable isolates from the external exoskeleton of Cansiliella servadeii (non-surface sterilized specimens) or from its midgut content (surface-sterilized specimens)

From: A unique midgut-associated bacterial community hosted by the cave beetle Cansiliella servadeii(Coleoptera: Leptodirini) reveals parallel phylogenetic divergences from universal gut-specific ancestors

  Taxonomy Isolate, GenBank code Top database similarities (%)1 Habitat of subject2
Tegument γ-Proteobacteria InGrP, (JQ308165) (100) Pseudomonas sp. EU182834 Soil
Actinobacteria InGrG, (JQ3081649) (99.4) Streptomyces sp. JF292927 Endophyte in Lobularia sp.
Actinobacteria InGrA3, (JQ308163) (99.4) Rhodococcussp. HQ256783 Cloud water from mountain summit
Firmicutes InGrA1, (JQ308162) (96.8) Unc.bacterium JF107304 Human skin, antecubital fossa
Midgut γ-Proteobacteria CP1a, (JQ308158) (100) Pseudomonas sp. AB569967 Chitinolitic biota in rhizosphere soil
γ-Proteobacteria CP1b, CP2b, (JQ308159) (100) Pseudomonas sp. AJ243602 Lumbricus rubellus gut (Annelida)
Actinobacteria CP2a, CP3aL, (JQ308160) (100) Streptomyces champavatii HQ143637 Soil
γ-Proteobacteria CP3a, (JQ308161) (100) Unc. Pseudomonas sp. JF500897 Rye grass rhizosphere
Firmicutes CP4.1, CP4.2, (JQ308156) (99.4) Unc. Firmicutes EU005283 Inert surfaces immersed in marine water
Firmicutes CP4.3, (JQ308157) (98.6) Unc.bacterium DQ860054 Anchovy intestinal microflora
  1. 1Description of GenBank subjects displaying the top-scoring BLAST alignment results of sequence similarity.
  2. 2Animal host or other environment in which the subject having homology with the present sequence s described in GenBank records.