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Figure 4

From: Comparative analysis of the repertoire of G protein-coupled receptors of three species of the fungal genus Trichoderma

Figure 4

Schematic drawing of the T. atroviride genomic locus with the PAQR (class VIII)-encoding genes Triat142946, Triat142943, and Triat46847 and the loci with their orthologues in T. virens and T. reesei . Scaffolds and position numbers are given as specified in the respective genome databases [5759]. PAQR-encoding genes are indicated by white arrows; other genes are given in grey (1: Triat47305/Trive123162, putative subtilisin-like peptidase; 2: Triat178339/Trive160495, putative ankyrin repeat domain protein; 3: Triat255480, putative ankyrin repeat domain protein; 4: Triat215171/Trive160757, hypothetical NACHT and ankyrin domain protein; 5: Triat305654, predicted small secreted cystein-rich protein; 6: Triat290393, hypothetical protein; 7: Trive66658, hypothetical protein).

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