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Figure 2

From: Comparative analysis of the repertoire of G protein-coupled receptors of three species of the fungal genus Trichoderma

Figure 2

Phylogenetic analysis of PAQR family (class VIII) members. PAQR members identified in the genomes of the three Trichoderma species and those present in N. crassa (NCU03238, NCU04987), A. nidulans (AnGprP, AnGprO), F. graminearum (FG04051, FG01064), M. grisea (MG0901, MG05072, MG04679), S. cerevisiae (Izh1p, Izh2p, Izh3p, Izh4p), and the human mPR (mPR-alpha, -beta, -gamma) and adiponectin-receptors (adipor1, adipor2) were aligned using ClustalX. The alignment was then processed using the Gblocks server [56] and the tree was constructed using neighbor-joining methods. Nodes supported with bootstrap values above 70% (1000 repetitions) are indicated with a black dot, nodes with bootstrap values between 50 -70% are indicated with a grey dot, bootstrap values less than 50% were removed.

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