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Figure 4

From: Microbial community of predatory bugs of the genus Macrolophus(Hemiptera: Miridae)

Figure 4

FISH of infected and uninfected M. pygmaeus ovarioles (60 x objective). All images were acquired using identical settings and the contrast has been adapted equally. A: Maximum intensity projection of 20 confocal sections of an infected M. pygmaeus ovariole, B: Optical section of an infected M. pygmaeus ovariole, C: Optical section of a cured M. pygmaeus ovariole. 1: Bright field channel, 2: Rickettsia Cy3 channel, 3: Wolbachia Cy5 channel, 4: overlay of Rickettsia and Wolbachia channel. Green: Rickettsia, Red: Wolbachia.

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