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Figure 3

From: Microbial community of predatory bugs of the genus Macrolophus(Hemiptera: Miridae)

Figure 3

PCR-DGGE on tissues of M. pygmaeus and M. caliginosus. PCR-DGGE profiles of hypervariable 16 rRNA V3-regions of adults, ovaries and guts of the laboratory strains of M. pygmaeus and M. caliginosus. A: M. pygmaeus adults, B: M. pygmaeus ovaries, C: M. pygmaeus guts, D: M. caliginosus adults, E: M. caliginosus ovaries, F: M. caliginosus guts, G: cured M. pygmaeus adults. Numbers correspond to PCR-DGGE amplicons that were excised from the gel, cloned and sequenced (Table 3).

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