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Figure 2

From: Delayed larval development in Anopheles mosquitoes deprived of Asaiabacterial symbionts

Figure 2

Effects of rifampicin on larval development: the apparition rate of pupae is similar between non treated groups and rifampicin treated groups supplemented with a rifampicin-resistant Asaia. The average cumulative number of pupae appearance, in relation with time, is reported for three different treatments. C: no treatment; A: rifampicin at 120 μg ml-1; Ar: rifampicin at 120 μg ml-1 plus rifampicin-resistant Asaia. The X-axis reports the number of days, starting from day seven, and the Y-axis reports the number of the pupae. The number of pupae at each day results from the sum of the pupae appeared at that day and the number of pupae counted in the days before.

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