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Figure 6

From: The virulent Wolbachia strain wMelPop increases the frequency of apoptosis in the female germline cells of Drosophila melanogaster

Figure 6

Ultrastructure of the germarium cells at the periphery of region 1 in wMelPop-infected D. melanogasterw1118 . A, a fragment of region 1 of the germarium, low magnification view. Normal cells and two fragments of cells (brackets), whose cytoplasm is filled with autophagosomes, bacteria and multilayered membranes. B, multilayered membranes and fragments of a disintegrated nucleus (white arrowhead). C, a fragment of a cell with electron-dense cytoplasm containing Wolbachia of two types: one normal (black arrows), the other with matrix of low density (white arrows). D, electron-dense bacteria-like structures engulfed by autophagosome. E, higher magnification of the bacteria-like structure framed in panel D. F, an autophagosome containing electron-dense structures and vesicles . G, autophagosomes enclosed individual bacteria. Arrowheads indicate autophagosome membranes. Scale bars: 1 μm.

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