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Figure 4

From: The virulent Wolbachia strain wMelPop increases the frequency of apoptosis in the female germline cells of Drosophila melanogaster

Figure 4

Morphology of apoptotic cystocytes in region 2a/2b of the germarium from the wMelPop-infected D. melanogasterw1118. A, swollen mitochondria (black arrows) in the cytoplasm of cyst cells. White arrows indicate bacteria. B, a fragment of a cyst cell with two mitochondria: one is normal, the other is swollen with the matrix of low electron density and the disintegrated cristae. C, a cyst cell, the cytoplasm appears dense, the nucleus is pyknotic. D, apoptotic bodies (ab) containing intracellular organelles. Scale bars: 1 μm.

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