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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers for VNTR and ANK sequences.

From: Tandem repeat markers as novel diagnostic tools for high resolution fingerprinting of Wolbachia

Strain VNTR-105 VNTR-141 WD0766
wMel JF797619 JF797613 NC_002978*
wMelCS JF797618 JF797611 JF683428
wMelPop as wMelCS JF797612 JF683429
wRi n.d. n.d. NC_012416**
wAu JF797617 JF797608 AY649753
wSan JN191623 JN191622 JF683435
wWil JF797616 JF797607 JF683433
wSpt JF797620 JF797609 JF683431
wPro n.d. JF797610 JF683430
wCer1 JF797615 JF797606 JF683434
wCer2 n.d. JF797614 JF683432
wHa n.d. n.d. JF683436
  1. *wMel genome sequence
  2. **wRi genome sequence
  3. n.d. not determined