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Table 1 List of Wolbachia strains.

From: Tandem repeat markers as novel diagnostic tools for high resolution fingerprinting of Wolbachia

Strain Supergroup Host Location mod res Reference
w Mel A D. melanogaster USA yes yes [75, 76]
w MelCS A D. melanogaster CantonS, USA yes yes [30, 70]
w MelPop A D. melanogaster laboratory strain, USA yes yes [26, 27]
w Au A D. simulans Coffs Harbour, Australia no no [25]
w San A D. santomea Sao Tome, Africa no* yes [77]
w Yak A D. yakuba Bom Successo, Africa no* yes [77]
w Tei A D. teissieri Bom Successo, Africa no* yes [77]
w Wil A D. willistoni Central and South America no n.d. [38]
w Spt A D. septentriosaltans Central and South America n.d. n.d. [38]
w Pro A D. prosaltans Central and South America n.d. n.d. [38]
w Cer1 A R. cerasi Hungary n.d. n.d. [46, 61]
w Cer2 A R. cerasi Austria yes yes [46, 61]
w Cer2 A D. simulans microinjected yes yes [62]
w Cer2 A C. capitata microinjected yes yes [47]
w Ri A D. simulans Riverside, USA yes yes [16, 45]
w Ha A D. simulans Hawaii, USA yes yes [16, 78]
w No B D. simulans Noumea yes yes [79]
w Mau B D. simulans microinjected no yes [80]
w Bol1 B H. bolina French Polynesia yes yes [81]
w Dim C Dirofilaria immitis Queensland no no [49]
  1. Modification/rescue phenotypes are included except for strains for which crossing phenotypes had not been determined (n.d.). Modification corresponds to the capacity of a strain to induce cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI) through sperm modification whereas rescue corresponds to the capacity to rescue CI in eggs fertilized by modified sperm [74]. The reference relates to the first description of the strain and/or the phenotype.
  2. * wSan, wYak, wTei do not induce CI in their original hosts, yet can rescue CI induced by other strains [77], and induce CI in novel hosts upon artificial horizontal transfer through microinjection into D. simulans [23].
  3. CI only expressed in host genotypes that are resistant to the expression of male killing induced by wBol1 [48, 81]