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Figure 3

From: H. pylori clinical isolates have diverse babAB genotype distributions over different topographic sites of stomach with correlation to clinical disease outcomes

Figure 3

babA at locus A dominantly determined BabA expression. (A) Effect of babA at locus B on the BabA expression.The isolate (19C3) had babA at locus A and in-frame CT repeats of babA at locus B, which were compared with the isolate only having babA at locus A (19C1). The presence of babA at locus A and B was in the isolates 26A1, A4, C2 and C3, but C2 had an out of frame babA at locus B. (B) Effect of mixed genotype at locus A on the BabA expression. The isolates from one patient (no. 14) had a mixed genotype at locus A (14C2 and C3), which was compared with those with babA only at locus A (14A2 and A4). (C) Comparison of BabA between AB AB and A B genotypes. Hsp60 was as an internal control.

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