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Table 1 The results of PerR regulon’s identification

From: A Fur-like protein PerR regulates two oxidative stress response related operons dpr and metQIN in Streptococcus suis

Predicted target genesa Gene names Function of genes Predicted PerR-box
qRT-PCRb EMSA results
SSU05_0022   aromatic amino acid aminotransferase ATAAAACTATTATAA −2.5 (0.6)  
SSU05_0209   hypothetical protein CTATAATCATTTTAT +1.1 (0.2)  
SSU05_0308   hypothetical protein GTAAAATTATTATAA −1.1 (0.1)  
SSU05_0309 pmtA cation transport ATPase TTAGAATTATTATAA
−1.1 (0.1) negative
SSU05_0618   MATE efflux family protein TTAAAATAATTATAA −4.2 (1.1)  
SSU05_1264   SAM-dependent methyltransferase ATAGAATTATTATAA −1.1 (0.3)  
SSU05_1265   sulfatase ATAGAATTATTATAA −1.8 (0.3)  
SSU05_1341 lacI LacI family transcriptional regulator TTAGAATCATTCTAG −1.8 (0.4)  
SSU05_1689 dpr peroxide resistance protein TTATAATTATTATAA +9.3 (1.1) positive
SSU05_1691   phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase TTATAATTATTATAA −1.7 (0.4)  
SSU05_1771 metQ lipoprotein transporter ATACAATGATTGTAA +4.0 (0.2) positive
SSU05_1855 escA ABC transporter ATP-binding protein ATATAATTATTATAA −16.1 (5.2)  
SSU05_1856   HIT-family protein ATATAATTATTATAA −1.6 (0.4)  
SSU05_2094 relA GTP pyrophosphokinase GTATAATGATTGTAG +2.1 (0.6) negative
SSU05_2095 cpdB 2',3'-cyclic-nucleotide 2'-phosphodiesterase GTATAATGATTGTAG −3.0 (1.1)  
SSU05_2112   hypothetical protein GTATAATGATTATAC −1.5 (0.6)  
SSU05_2113 rarA recombination factor protein GTATAATGATTATAC +1.7 (0.5)  
SSU05_2191 rlmH rRNA large subunit methyltransferase ATAAAATAATTGTAA −1.3 (0.3)  
SSU05_2192 htrA trypsin-like serine protease ATAAAATAATTGTAA +1.2 (0.3)  
  1. aS. suis ORF number of S. suis 05ZYH33
  2. bFold-change (standard deviation) of expression in ΔperR compared to expression in wild-type