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Table 1 Sources of isolation of 33 lactic acid bacteria investigated in this study

From: Genotypic characterization and safety assessment of lactic acid bacteria from indigenous African fermented food products

Species and strains Source of isolation Raw materials used Reference
Lb. plantarum Fermenting cocoa beans (FCB) Cocoa pulpa [8]
L106, L547, L544, L415,  
L263, L260, L142, LA113    
Lb. plantarum Koko sour water (KSW) Sorghum, maize, milletb [14]
S1, S2    
Lb. ghanensis FCB a [8]
L489, L499    
Leuc. pseudomesenteroides FCB a [8]
Lb. fermentum Dolo and pito wort (DPW) Sorghum, maizec [9]
ZN7b-2, ZN7b-7    
Lb. delbrueckii species DPW c [9]
Lb. salivarius KSW b [14]
FK10-10, FK11-2, FK11-4,    
FK11-8, FK11-9    
Ped. acidilactici KSW b [14]
N8, N9, N10    
Ped. pentosaceus KSW b [14]
P4, P5, S4    
W. confusa KSW b [14]
P2, P3, SK9-2, SK9-5,  
SK9-7, FK10-9