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Table 1 M. tuberculosis genes found to be associated with CNS invasion/survival in the guinea pig

From: Role of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pknD in the Pathogenesis of central nervous system tuberculosis

Gene MT # Gene Rv # Description P value
MT0086 Rv0079 Conserved Hypothetical Protein 5.87E-04
MT0350 Rv0336 Conserved 13E12 Repeat Family Protein 1.99E-03
MT0752 Rv0727c Possible Aldolase 5.07E-04
MT0779 Rv0755c PPE Family Protein 1.25E-04
MT0958 Rv0931c Ser-Thr Protein Kinase (PknD) 1.65E-03
MT1311 Rv1273c Probable Drug-Transport ABC Transporter 2.71E-04
MT1711 Rv1673c Conserved Hypothetical Protein ND
MT1965 Rv1914c Conserved Hypothetical Protein ND
MT1982 Rv1932 Probable Thiol Peroxidase Tpx 4.47E-05
MT2456 Rv2387 Conserved Hypothetical Protein 2.53E-04
MT3178 Rv3094c Conserved Hypothetical Protein ND
MT3247 Rv3159c PPE Family Protein 5.87E-05
MT3321 Rv3224 Iron-Regulated Dehydrogenase/Reductase 2.77E-03
MT3461 Rv3353c Conserved Hypothetical Protein 9.12E-03
  1. Mutants for the above genes were found to be significantly attenuated in the guinea pig CNS, but not lungs, 21 days after intravenous infection. Selected mutants were attenuated greater than 16-fold in the CNS and less than 4-fold in the lung tissue (P < 0.05). Mutants annotated as "ND" were not detected in the brain in quantities detectable by PCR, and were therefore likely highly attenuated in CNS tissue.