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Table 5 Comparative sequence analysis of single cysts from Sweh207 at the bg locus

From: Allelic sequence heterozygosity in single Giardia parasites

Sub-assemblage Isolate Material GenBank acc no Nucleotide position from start of gene
    201 210 228 273 285 354* 537
BIII/BAH8   AY072727 C C A A T C C
BIV/Nij5   AY072725 C T A A T T C
Sweh207_65 Single cyst JN579677 C C A A T C T
Sweh207_66 Single cyst HM165209 C T A A T C C
Sweh207_133    C T A A T C C
Sweh207_103    C T A A T C C
Sweh207_105 Single cyst AY072727 C C A A T C C
Sweh207_190 Single cyst JN579678 C C A G T C C
Sweh207_61 Single cyst JN579679 C C A R T C C
Sweh207_129 Single cyst JN579680 C T R A T C C
Sweh207_106 Single cyst JN579681 C C R A T Y C
Sweh207_107 Single cyst JN579682 C C A A Y C C
Sweh207_181    C C A A Y C C
Sweh207_184 Single cyst JN579683 C Y A A T C Y
Sweh207_186 Single cyst JN579684 C Y A R T C C
Sweh207_183 Single cyst JN579685 Y C A R T Y C
Sweh207_189 Single cyst JN579686 Y Y R R T Y C
  1. * This nucleotide position is a substitution pattern proposed as a marker for different B sub-assemblages [10].