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Table 4 Comparative sequence analysis of single cysts from Sweh207 at the tpi locus

From: Allelic sequence heterozygosity in single Giardia parasites

Sub-assemblageIsolate Material GenBank acc no Nucleotide position from start of gene
    39* 91* 162 165* 168* 189 210* 258 423
BIII/ 2924   AY228628 G C G C C A G C G
BIV/Ad-19   AF069560 A T G T T A A C G
Sweh207 Crude stool isolate JN579665 A C R Y Y R R C G
Sweh207_161 Single cyst JN579666 A C R Y Y R R C G
Sweh207_227    A C R Y Y R R C G
Sweh207_222    A C R Y Y R R C G
Sweh207_166 Single cyst JN579667 A Y R Y Y A R C R
Sweh207_228    A C R Y Y R R C G
Sweh207_220 Single cyst JN579669 R Y R Y Y A R C R
Sweh207_224 Single cyst JN579670 R Y R Y Y A R Y R
Sweh207_171 Single cyst JN579668 A C A C C A G C G
  1. *These nucleotide positions are substitution patterns proposed as markers for different B sub-assemblages [25].