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Table 3 Comparative sequence analysis of single cysts from Sweh212 at the bg locus

From: Allelic sequence heterozygosity in single Giardia parasites

Sub-assemblageIsolate Material GenBank acc no Nucleotide position from start of gene
    354* 369 516
BIII/ BAH8   AY072727 C C T
BIV/ Nij5   AY072725 T C T
Sweh212 Crude stool isolate JN579687 T Y Y
Sweh212_143 Single cyst JN579688 T Y Y
Sweh212_145    T Y Y
Sweh212_136 Single cyst HM165216 T T C
Sweh212_243    T T C
Sweh212_236 Single cyst HM165214 T C T
Sweh212_242    T C T
  1. * This nucleotide position is a substitution pattern proposed as a marker for different B sub-assemblages [10].