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Table 1 Comparative sequence analysis of single GS/M trophozoites at the tpi locus

From: Allelic sequence heterozygosity in single Giardia parasites

Isolate Material DNAreleasy GenBank acc no Nucleotide position from start of gene
     39* 45 264
GS/M Cloned sequence   EF688030 A T G
  Cloned sequence   EF688028 G C A
  Crude isolate   FJ560571 R Y R
GS/M Crude isolate   N/A R Y R
GS/M_3 Single trophozoites Not used N/A G C A
GS/M_5     G C A
GS/M_7     G C A
GS/M_8 Single trophozoite Not used N/A A T G
GS/M_6 Single trophozoite Not used N/A R Y R
GS/M_71 Single trophozoites Used JN579671 R Y R
GS/M_72     R Y R
GS/M_73     R Y R
GS/M_74     R Y R
GS/M_76     R Y R
GS/M_77     R Y R
GS/M_78     R Y R
GS/M_79     R Y R
GS/M_80     R Y R
  1. * This nucleotide position is a substitution pattern proposed as a marker for different B sub-assemblages [25].