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Table 1 Primer and probe sequences of BactQuant, the new 16 S rRNA gene-based quantitative real-time PCR (bold letters denotes degenerate base)

From: BactQuant: An enhanced broad-coverage bacterial quantitative real-time PCR assay

BactQuant Tm (°C) E. coli region
Forward Primer 5′- CCTACGGGDGGC WGCA-3′ 55.9–58.4 341–356
Reverse Primer 5′- GGACTACHVGGGT MTCTAATC -3′ 57.5–63.3 786–806
Probe (6FAM) 5′-CAGCAGCCGCGGTA-3′ (MGBNFQ) 68.0 519–532