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Table 2 ORFs present within the tkt1 genomic island

From: tkt1, located on a novel pathogenicity island, is prevalent in avian and human extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli

ORF No. ORF name Location of ORF Function G+C content
APECO1_2646   4312693..4312950 hypothetical protein NC_008563
APECO1_2645   4312947..4313438 hypothetical protein NC_008563
APECO1_2644   4313787..4314080 hypothetical protein NC_008563
APECO1_2643   4314532..4315122 putative sugar isomerase NC_008563
APECO1_2642   4315164..4316672 PTS system, glucose-specific IIBC component NC_008563
APECO1_2641 tkt1 4316723..4318720 Putative transketolase NC_008563
APECO1_2640   4318750..4319595 putative transcriptional regulatory NC_008563
APECO1_2639   4319796..4320701 putative transcriptional regulatory NC_008563
APECO1_2638   4320779..4322002 putative permease NC_008563
APECO1_2637   4322028..4322417 hypothetical protein NC_008563
APECO1_2636   4322434..4323390 catalyzes the reversible synthesis of carbamate NC_008563
   and ATP from carbamoyl phosphate and ADP  
APECO1_2635 yahG 4323383..4324858 hypothetical protein NC_008563
APECO1_2634 yahF 4324804..4326363 hypothetical protein NC_008563
APECO1_2633 yahE 4326458..4327318 hypothetical protein NC_008563
APECO1_2632   4327324..4327992 putative isochorismatase hydrolase NC_008563