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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: tkt1, located on a novel pathogenicity island, is prevalent in avian and human extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli

Strain Description Reference
APEC O1 O1:K1:H7; fyuA, sitA, chuA, irp2, iroN, ireA, tsh, iucD, fimC, iss, ompA, vat, traT; contains four plasmids, including pAPEC-O1-ColBM [14]
BJ502 E. coli K12, ΔtktA [15]
DH5α E. coli K12  
APEC O1-M tkt1 APEC O1 derivative, Δtkt1 this study
APEC O1-M tktA APEC O1 derivative, ΔtktA this study
S17λpir recA thi pro hsdR- M+ RP4::2-Tc::Mu::Km Tn7 lysogenized with λpir phage [12]
S17pGP tkt1 S17λpir with plasmid pGP704 tkt1 this study
APEC O1-C tkt1 APEC O1 M tkt1 with plasmid pGP tkt1 inserted into bacterial chromosome this study
APEC O1-P1 APEC O1 M tkt1 with plasmid pBAD tkt1 this study
BJ502-P1 BJ502 with plasmid pBAD24 this study
BJ502-P2 BJ502 with plasmid pBAD tkt1 this study
BJ502-P3 BJ502 with plasmid pBAD tktA this study
APEC collection 452 APEC strains isolated from lesions of birds clinically diagnosed with colibacillosis [17]
Avian fecal E. coli 106 avian fecal E. coli strains were isolated from the feces of apparently healthy birds [17]
UPEC collection 200 uropathogenic E. coli strains from from MeritCare Medical Center in Fargo, North Dakota [18]
NMEC collection 91 human neonatal meningitis-causing E. coli strains from the cerebrospinal fluid of newborns in the Netherlands, isolated from 1989 through 1997 and from Dr. K. S. Kim at John Hopkins. [19]
pGP704 Apr, suicide plasmid [20]
pBAD24 Apr, expression plasmid with arabinose-inducible promoter [21]
pKD46 Apr; expresses λ red recombinase [22]
pKD3 cat gene, template plasmid [22]
pGP tkt1 pGP704 derivative harboring tkt1 gene this study
pBAD tkt1 pBAD24 derivative, tkt1 gene under the control of PBAD this study
pBAD tktA pBAD24 derivative, tktA gene under the control of PBAD this study