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Figure 4

From: “Features of two proteins of Leptospira interrogans with potential role in host-pathogen interactions”

Figure 4

Reactivity of the recombinant antigens Lsa33 and Lsa25 with serum samples of individuals diagnosed with leptospirosis. Responders were determined by ELISA with the recombinant proteins and serum samples from patients of both phases of the disease. The reactivity was evaluated as IgG antibodies. Serum was considered MAT positive or MAT negative if agglutination was detected when the sera were tested for their reactivity’s with isolates of the 22 serovars (see Methods). The cutoff values are depicted as horizontal bars and were defined as the mean plus 3 standard deviations obtained for sera from 12 healthy individuals. (A) shows the data for Lsa33, (B) for Lsa25, and (C) depicts the data when both proteins were employed (Lsa33 plus Lsa25).

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