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Table 1 Characteristics of MRSA isolates selected for rpoB genotyping

From: Genetic basis of rifampicin resistance in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus suggests clonal expansion in hospitals in Cape Town, South Africa

Clonal type1 (isolate name) PFGE cluster2 (n) spa type Rifampicin phenotype3 Geographical origin Hospital4 (n)/Year of isolation Reference
ST612-MRSA-IV D (2) t064 Resistant Cape Town, RSA5 GSH (1), RCCH (1)/2008 [5]
ST612-MRSA-IV E (1) t064 Resistant Cape Town, RSA UCTPH/2008 [5]
ST612-MRSA-IV E (4) t1443 Resistant Cape Town, RSA GSH (2), RCCH (1), VH (1)/2008 [5]
ST612-MRSA-IV Sporadic isolate (1) t1443 Resistant Cape Town, RSA GSH/2008 [5]
ST612-MRSA-IV Sporadic isolate (1) t1257 Resistant Cape Town, RSA RCCH/2008 [5]
ST5-MRSA-I C (1) t045 Resistant Cape Town, RSA MMH/2008 [5]
ST22-MRSA-IV Sporadic isolate (1) t032 Susceptible Cape Town, RSA GSH/2008 [5]
ST36-MRSA-II F (1) t021 Susceptible Cape Town, RSA GSH/2007 [5]
ST612-MRSA-IV (N83, N84) ND6 (2) t064 Resistant RSA Unknown/2004 - 2005 [8]
ST612-MRSA-IV (04-17052) ND (1) t064 Resistant Perth, Australia Unknown/2004 [9]
ST612-MRSA-IV (09-15534) ND (1) t7571 Resistant Perth, Australia Unknown/2009 [9]
  1. 1 Clonal types are indicated using the current international nomenclature (sequence type (ST) -antimicrobial phenotype - staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec (SCCmec) type)
  2. 2 PFGE, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis
  3. 3 As determined by disc diffusion or on the VITEK 2
  4. 4 GSH, Groote Schuur Hospital; RCCH, Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital; UCTPH, University of Cape Town Private Academic Hospital; VH, Victoria Hospital; MMH, Mowbray Maternity Hospital
  5. 5 RSA, Republic of South Africa
  6. 6 ND, not determined