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Table 1 Deduced peptides and proteins derived from the elg gene cluster

From: Gene cluster analysis for the biosynthesis of elgicins, novel lantibiotics produced by paenibacillus elgii B69

ORF Size of Putative Protein (aa) Putative Function Sequence Homolog (GenBank ID) Identities (%; No. of amino acids)
elgT1 596 Transportation and secretion, ABC transporter Putative SpaT, Bacillus subtilis A1/3, AAL15565 31; 614
elgC 454 Synthetase in posttranslational modification Lantibiotic cyclase MibC, Microbispora corallina NRRL 30420, ADK32556 36; 485
elgT2 625 Transportation and secretion, ABC transporter Subtilin transport ATP-binding protein SpaT, Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633, P33116 38; 614
elgB 1037 Dehydration of serine and threonine Lantibiotic dehydratase MibB, Microbispora corallina NRRL 30420, ADK32555 31; 1115
elgA 64 Elgicins PREDICTED: similar to HECT, C2, and WW domain, containing E3 ubiquitin, XP_001507682 59; 1657