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Figure 2

From: Genomes-based phylogeny of the genus Xanthomonas

Figure 2

Genome-based phylogeny of Xanthomonas. Consensus phylogenetic tree of strains of (a) Xanthomonas based on the 989 OGs, with X. albilineans as an outgroup and (b) Xanthomonas and some genomes from the close relatives Pseudoxanthomonas, Xylella and Stenotrophomonas based on 228 identified using the BSR automated method. Branch lengths are according to the ML-based inference. All nodes were inferred to have a bootstrap value of 100% in 100 samplings. All nodes were inferred to have posterior probability of 1.0 based on 1,001 trees sampled from the posterior distribution in the Bayesian inference, with identical topology. Numbers above each branch indicate the branch length estimated as the proportion of expected changes per site.

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