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Figure 3

From: Shigella flexneriutilize the spectrin cytoskeleton during invasion and comet tail generation

Figure 3

S. flexneri recruit spectrin, but not adducin or p4.1 to comet tails. HeLa cells were infected with S. flexneri for 4.5 hours prior to fixation and immunolocalization with antibodies against spectrin, adducin and p4.1. Actin and DNA (DAPI) probes identify comet tails and bacteria respectively. a) Spectrin is recruited to S. flexneri comet tails, while adducin and p4.1 were absent. Arrows indicate comet tail regions of interest. Scale bars are 5 μm. b) Quantification of spectrin, p4.1, or adducin recruitment to S. flexneri comet tails. 50 comet tails were counted in three separate experiments to observe if the protein of interest was recruited to the tail. Spectrin was recruited to 61% of tails, while p4.1 and adducin were not observed recruited to tails in any instance.

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