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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Role of the gerA operon in L-alanine germination of Bacillus licheniformisspores

strain or plasmid description, phenotype or genotype relevant for this studya reference
Escherichia coli TOP10 One Shot® TOP10 electro/chemically competent E. coli for cloning Invitrogen
MW3 Bacillus licheniformis DSM13 (ΔhsdR1, ΔhsdR2) [50]
NVH-1307 B. licheniformis MW3ΔgerAA::spc. SpR. This study
NVH-1311 NVH-1307 with pHT315_MW3gerA. SpR and EmR. This study
ATCC 14579 Bacillus cereus type strain [72, 73]
B252 Bacillus subtilis isolated from tap water [71]
pMAD E. coli/B. licheniformis shuttle plasmid. ApR, EmR, ori Bacillus ts and pclpB-bgaB [75]
pMAD_SpR pMAD-derivate supplemented with a SpR cassette in the SalI site. ApR, EmR, SpR, ori Bacillus ts and pclpB-bgaB [76]
pMAD_SpRΔgerAA pMAD_SpR-derivate allowing substitution of parts of gerAA in MW3 with a SpR cassette. ApR, EmR, SpR, ori Bacillus ts and pclpB-bgaB This study
pHT315 E. coli/B. licheniformis shuttle plasmid. ApR and EmR [52]
pHT315_MW3gerA pHT315-derivate containing gerA fragmentbamplified from MW3 DNA template. ApR and EmR This study
  1. a ApR; resistance to ampicillin, EmR; resistance to erythromycin, SpR; resistance to spectinomycin, ori Bacillus ts; temperature-sensitive Bacillus origin of replication, pclpB-bgaB; constitutively expressed termostable β-galactosidase (allowing blue/white screening of transformants on X-Gal plates).
  2. b gerA fragment contains a sequence 151 bp upstream of gerAA, gerAA, gerAB, gerAC and 177 bp downstream of gerAC.