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Table 2 C. elegans and E. coli strains used in this study

From: Delayed accumulation of intestinal coliform bacteria enhances life span and stress resistance in Caenorhabditis elegans fed respiratory deficient E. coli

Strain Genotype Source
C. elegans   
N2 wild-type CGC
EU35 skn-1(zu169) IV/nT1 [unc?(n754) let?] (IV;V) CGC
CFC1005 coq-3(qm188)/nT1[qIs51] [20]
CFC315 coq-3(ok506)/nT1[qIs51] [20]
E. coli   
OP50-1   CGC
GD1 ubiG::Kan, zei::Tn10dTet [57]
GD1:pBSK ubiG::Kan, zei::Tn10dTet:pBSK this report
GD1:pAHG ubiG::Kan, zei::Tn10dTet:ubiG [57]
AN120 argE3, thi-1, str R , uncA401 [33]
AN180 argE3, thi-1, str R [33]
OP50-1:pFVP25.1   CGC
GD1:pFVP25.1   this report
AN120:pFVP25.1   this report
AN180:pFVP25.1   this report