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Table 2 Strains used in this study

From: The deletion of bacterial dynamin and flotillin genes results in pleiotrophic effects on cell division, cell growth and in cell shape maintenance

PY79 wt  
HW2 dynA::tet This study
HW3 dynA::pMutin This study
FD249 dynA::tet ΔfloT(in frame deletion) This study
HW1 dynA-yfp (cmR) This study
HW4 dynA-yfp (cmR) ftsZ-cfp (specR) This study
HW5 dynA::tet ftsZ-cfp (specR) This study
HW6 dynA::tet yfp-mreB (specR) This study
FD295 floT-yfp (cmR) [34]
FD258 dynA::tet floT-yfp (cmR) This study
3725 ΔmreB (in frame deletion) [36]
HW7 dynA::tet ΔmreB This study
HW8 dynA::tet ezrA::spec This study
HIHO114 ΔfloT in frame deletion Gift from M. Hinderhofer
BS1059 PxylftsZ-cfp (specR) [39]
JS12 Pxylyfp-mreB (specR) [40]
FG375 ezrA::spec [41]
Plasmids used for transfection
pFD1 Expression vector for S2 cells [42]
pFD239 floT-yfp in pFD1 [34]
pHW1 dynA-yfp in pFD1 This study