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Table 3 Qualitative agreement of Tag4 and SOLiD assays with BigDye bacteria identifications

From: Molecular probe technology detects bacteria without culture

ID BigDye vs. Tag4 BigDye vs. SOLiD
A01-1 A B
A03-2 A C
A03-3 C  
A07-1 A C
A07-2 C B
A08-2 A A
A10-2 B B
A10-4 A A
A12-2 A  
A13-4 A  
A16-2 A  
A16-3 A  
A16-4 B A
A17-3 A A
A19-4 B A
A20-3 A A
A22-3 B B
A23-1 A  
A24-1 C  
A25-2 B A
A27-2 A A
  1. A, agreement; B, one (or more) false positive; C, one (or more) false negative; blank: insufficient amount of sample to undertake SOLiD sequencing. In all cases, bacteria inferred to be present, but at a concentration below the minimum detection limit of the molecular probe technology, have been ignored. Only those bacteria for which there were molecular probes were considered