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Table 3 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Quorum-sensing regulates biofilm formation in Vibrio scophthalmi

Strain or plasmid Genotype and feature(s) Reference
V. scophthalmi strains   
A089 Wild type, turbot isolate (CECT 4638T) [2]
A102 Wild type, turbot isolate (CECT 5965) [1, 2]
A089_23 A089 ΔluxR mutant This study
A089_88 A089_23 (pMMB207)
A089_75 A089_23 (pMMB207::luxR) mutant
A089_68 A089 ΔluxS mutant
A089_84 A089_68 (pMMB207::luxS) mutant
A089_92 A089_68 (pMMB207)
A102_56 A102 ΔluxR mutant
A102_78 A102_56 (pMMB207::luxR) mutant
A102_90 A102_56 (pMMB207)
A102_73 A102 ΔluxS mutant
A102_87 A102_73 (pMMB207::luxS) mutant
A102_94 A102_73 (pMMB207)
A102_pACYC A102 (pACYC184) [11]
A102_6.2 A102 (pACYC184::aiiA)
A102_99 A102_73 (pACYC::luxS) This study
E. coli strains   
DH5α E. coli used for transformation: λpir Promega
S17-1 E. coli used for conjugation: λpir mob [32]
pDM4 Cmr Kanr SacBR; suicide vector [28]
pMMB207 Cmr,Ptac, broad host range expression vector [33]
pACYC184 Tetr, Cmr, broad host range expression vector [34]
pGEM T-easy Ampr Kanr; TA cloning vector for sequencing Promega