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Table 2 Percentage of nucleotide and amino acid identity and similarity of V. scophthalmi A089 LuxR with previously reported V. harveyi -like LuxR regulators

From: Quorum-sensing regulates biofilm formation in Vibrio scophthalmi

Species % nt id (% aa id/% aa sim)
V. alginolyticus (AF204737.1) 74% (81%/90%)
V. anguillarum (AF457643.2) 73% (80%/89%)
V. cholerae (EU523726.1) 73% (76%/87%)
V. harveyi (M55260.1) 73% (79%/90%)
V. mimicus (AB539839.1) 71% (77%/86%)
V. parahaemolyticus (AF035967.1) 75% (80%/90%)
V. vulnificus (EF596781.1) 75% (82%/90%)
  1. GenBank Accession Number in brackets; nt, nucleotide; aa, amino acid; id, identity; sim, similarity.