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Table 3 Penicillin G-inducible genes of L . monocytogenes identified using the pAT28- hly promoter-trap system

From: Identification of a ferritin-like protein of Listeria monocytogenesas a mediator of β-lactam tolerance and innate resistance to cephalosporins

Strain Gene Comments on encoded proteina Function of encoded proteinb
15 lmo1941 Contains a LysM domain Unknown
18 lmo2820 (axyR) Contains a conserved helix-turn-helix DNA-binding domain (HTH_AraC) and a β-D-xylosidase domain (XynB) Putative transcriptional regulator
37 lmo1660 (leuS) Contains two catalytic core domains of leucyl tRNA synthetase (LeuRS_core) and an anticodon-binding domain Leucyl-tRNA synthetase
41 lmo0943 (fri) Contains a DNA protecting under starvation domain (DPS) Non-heme iron-binding ferritin
lmo0944 Contains a domain found in a family of proteins involved in iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis (Fe-S_biosyn) Unknown
lmo0945 Contains a metallo-beta-lactamase domain (Lactamase_B) Unknown
198 lmo1622 Contains a YXKO-related domain, belongs to the ribokinase-like superfamily Unknown
199 lmo2501 (phoP) Contains a CheY-like receiver domain and a winged-helix DNA-binding domain Two-component response phosphate regulator
201 lmo1211 Contains a bacterial domain of unknown function (DUF606) Unknown
203 lmo1065 Contains a bacterial domain of unknown function (DUF1054) Unknown
  1. a Based on data available from the NCBI (
  2. b Functions are based on annotations provided by the ListiList (