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Table 2 Description of L. . monocytogenes chromosomal DNA fragments trapped upstream of the hly gene in strains exhibiting penicillin-G induced hemolysis

From: Identification of a ferritin-like protein of Listeria monocytogenesas a mediator of β-lactam tolerance and innate resistance to cephalosporins

Strain Cloned fragment
Localizationa [5 → 3] Commentsb
15 2018205-2016470 1347-bp fragment of lmo1942 , intergenic region (320 bp), 68-bp fragment of lmo1941
18 2907708-2906509 556-bp fragment of lmo2821, intergenic region (131 bp), 432-bp fragment of axyR
37 1712064-1710832 392-bp fragment of lmo1661, intergenic region (404 bp), 436-bp fragment of leuS
41 978762-980082 93-bp fragment of lmo0942, intergenic region (202 bp), gene fri (471 bp), intergenic region (233 bp), gene lmo0944 (303 bp), 18-bp intergenic region preceding lmo0945
195 2174937-2175826 484-bp fragment of lmo2095, intergenic region (20 bp), 386-bp fragment of lmo2096
198 1664108-1664654 362-bp fragment of lmo1621, intergenic region (106 bp), 79-bp fragment of lmo1622
199 2577843-2576921 147-bp fragment of lmo2502 , intergenic region (151 bp), 625-bp fragment of phoP
201 1234555-1233755 89-bp fragment of lmo1213, intergenic region (31 bp), gene lmo1212 (531 bp), intergenic region (89 bp), 60-bp fragment of lmo1211
203 1093048-1092427 48-bp fragment of lmo1066, intergenic region (131 bp), 442-bp fragment of lmo1065
  1. a Nucleotide position in genome of L. monocytogenes EGD (Acc. No. NC_003210) given in the same orientation as the reporter gene.
  2. bGenes/fragments of genes and intergenic region present in the trapped fragments, with the sequence located directly upstream of the 5′ end of the hly gene marked in bold, while the genes/fragments of genes in the same orientation as this reporter gene are underlined.