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Table 1 Isolated strains, with the corresponding isolation depths and physico-chemical data (Gotland (G) and Landsort Deeps (L), central Baltic Sea) and GenBank accession numbers for partial gene sequences generated in this study

From: Ecologically relevant choanoflagellates collected from hypoxic water masses of the Baltic Sea have untypical mitochondrial cristae

Species Codosiga balthica Codosiga minima
Detected via Clone library (G1) DGGE (G2, L3) Isolation (G4) Isolation (G, L4)
Strain IOW94 IOW73 IOW74 IOW75
Station 271 (G) 271 (G) 271 (G) 284 (L)
Depth [m] 206 150 208 260
O2 [μM] 0.85 1.57 0.48 4.23
H2S [μM] 0.13 0.25 1.77 n.det.
18S rRNA JQ034424 JQ034422 n.sub. n.sub.
28S rRNA JQ034425 JQ034423 n.det. n.det.
  1. (1Stock et al. 2009[20]; 2Weber 2008[37]; 3Anderson et al.[38] (in revision); 4this study; n.det., not detected; n.sub., not submitted to GenBank).