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Figure 1

From: Ecologically relevant choanoflagellates collected from hypoxic water masses of the Baltic Sea have untypical mitochondrial cristae

Figure 1

Vertical distribution of Codosiga spp. indentified in May 2005, and assessment of their presence (black circles) / absence (no symbol) at different depths (grey diamonds) throughout the whole water column of Landsort Deep (B) and Gotland Deep (C). Oxygen concentrations (measured by titration and by the oxygen sensor on the CTD) and hydrogen sulfide concentrations (only available for Gotland Deep) are also shown, along with cell-counts for Landsort Deep. Data were pooled for several different CTD casts. The dashed line represents the chemocline. Codosiga spp. was identified by life observations and scanning electron microscopy as shown (A).

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