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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Identification of the para-nitrophenol catabolic pathway, and characterization of three enzymes involved in the hydroquinone pathway, in pseudomonas sp. 1-7

Strains and plasmids Relevant genotype or characteristic(s) Reference or source
Pseudomonas sp   
Strain 1-7 methyl parathion and p-nitrophenol utilizer, wild type This study
Trans10 F-Φ80(lacZ) M15 lacX74hsdR(rK-mK+) recA1398endA1tonA TransGen
BL21(DE3) F- ompT hsdS (rB- mB-) gal dcm lacY1(DE3) Novagen
pET30a Kmr, Expression vector Novagen
pET22b Ampr, Expression vector Novagen
pET2230 Ampr, Expression vector This study
pEASY-T3 Ampr, Cloning vector TransGen
pET30- pdcF BamHI-HindIII fragment containing pdcF inserted into pET30a This study
pET30- pdcG BamHI-XhoI fragment containing pdcG inserted into pET30a This study
pET30- pdcD BamHI-XhoI fragment containing pdcD inserted into pET30a This study
pET2230- pdcE BamHI-XhoI fragment containing pdcE inserted into pET2230 This study