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Table 2 List of strains used in this work

From: Synergies between RNA degradation and trans-translation in Streptococcus pneumoniae: cross regulation and co-transcription of RNase R and SmpB

Strain Relevant markers/Genotype Source/Reference
E. coli   
DH5α F' fhuA2 Δ(argF-lacZ)U169 phoA glnV44 Φ80 Δ(lacZ)M15 gyrA96 recA1 relA1 endA1 thi-1 hsdR17a [52]
CMA601 E. coli DH5α carrying pSDA-02 This work
BL21(DE3) FompT gal dcm lon hsdSB(rB- mB-) λ(DE3 [lacI lacUV5-T7 gene 1 ind1 sam7 nin5]) [53]
CMA602 E. coli BL21(DE3) overexpressing His-tagged RNase R from S. pneumoniae TIGR4 [54]
CMA603 E. coli BL21(DE3) carrying pSDA-02 This work
S. pneumoniae   
JNR7/87 (TIGR4)   [51]
TIGR4 RNase R- TIGR4 rnr-rnr-CmR) C. Arraiano and P. Lopez Labsa
CMA604 TIGR4 rnr-rnr-CmR) carrying pIL253 (EryR) expressing RNase R This work
CMA605 TIGR4 smpB-smpB-KanR) This work
CMA606 TIGR4 smpB-smpB-KanR) carrying pLS1GFP (EryR) expressing SmpB This work
  1. a Manuscript in preparation.