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Figure 5

From: Role of the small GTPase Rab27a during Herpes simplex virus infection of oligodendrocytic cells

Figure 5

Colocalization between Rab27a and gD. HOG cells cultured in DM and infected at a m.o.i. of 1 with GHSV-UL46 were fixed and processed for confocal triple-label indirect immunofluorescence analysis with polyclonal anti-Rab27a and anti-gD LP2 antibodies. Low panels, corresponding to confocal slices of 0.8 μm, are enlargements of the squares shown in upper panels, which correspond to the projection of the planes obtained by confocal microscopy. Images show colocalization between Rab27a and gD. Colocalization between Rab27a and GHSV-UL46 appears yellow; between Rab27a and gD, magenta; between GHSV-UL46 and gD, cyan; colocalization between Rab27a, GHSV-UL46 and gD appears white. (DIC: Differential Interference Contrast).

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